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The Best Golf Swing Tips Designed for Beginners

1:00 AM - June 16, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

Are you presently trying to play golf for the very first time?  If you are, you might have thought of stashing your golf clubs and not play the game again. We know it is really frustrating! 

Nevertheless, this doesn't suggest that golf is simply for naturally gifted golfers or pros. If so, the game could have perished long time ago. Playing golf is for everybody and like every other sport, there's a great number of techniques which you can use to further improve your own game. Do not give up hope, start improving your golf game making use of our time-proven techniques! 

1. The most important question that we ask new golf players is: how frequently do you play the game? The best results are derived from many hours out on the golf course. For those who genuinely want to improve, there's no way around this- you'll have to hit plenty of golf balls to change your skillset from beginner to advanced levels. 

Pros do not take it easy on long holidays before a tour. They devote hours and hours in various golf courses, sharpening their skills and sprucing up whatever they have learned. It's not necessary to spend a lot of money just because you need to practice. 

Some fancier golf courses can cost a lot of money for each game. If you possess the cash, then go for it, enjoy these luxurious courses. On the other hand, if you are like most new golfers spending hundreds of dollars on a single practice game is just not possible. 

Does this mean that you are confined to practicing phantom swings in your own home, without any real golf balls? No. It is possible to practice a real game of golf by locating less expensive golf course. May be the golf course is outside your city and require a few hours' drive. 

But once you locate an inexpensive golf course where one can practice all day without having to worry about breaking the bank after a couple of practice sessions, you have found golfing gold. So stick to our golden advice-  locate an inexpensive golf course and tee off like there is no tomorrow! 

2. Are you experiencing difficulties hooking the golf ball? In the event you do, do not give up hope because this is probably the most common technical issues that golf players face. Perhaps even the more skillful golf players still hook their balls sometimes. 

It is possible to improve your golf swing by varying your body's positioning just prior to you hitting the golf ball. To do that you stand with your feet about shoulder width apart with one of your feet about 1 foot away from the golf ball. Then stare directly at the golf ball and turn your whole body all the way to the right. 

Your left arm should cross your chest whereas your right arm should be at a right angle. Swing down and allow the golf club to hit the golf ball from the right hand side. If all goes nicely, the tip of the golf club should end up at roughly the exact same spot it was in prior to the downswing. 

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