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Mastering Golf Swing Basics the Simplest Way

7:09 AM - June 29, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

Everyone can swing a golf club and hit a golf ball that's been set on the green. But not everybody can get a hole in one or conquer a really challenging spot on the green with the least strokes possible. Playing golf requires that you develop a variety of elegant, sporting skills. 

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Without having these kinds of skills, which can only be learned with steady practice, golfing wouldn't be enjoyable at all. Like every other sport, you'll have to practice regularly to conquer intermediate golfers in your circle of friends. The following golf swing tips can help you accomplish golfing excellence:

1. Probably the most important aspects of playing golf is balance.  You will be unable to play a good game of golf if you don't pay attention to your own body's natural balance. Because each swing in golf mandates that you transfer energy from your upper body all the way down to your golf club as it swings downward and upward again. 

There's destined to be plenty of torque involved and if you do not have adequate balance, you're going to end up falling over with each and every swing. Physical balance can be improved through low-impact exercises such as hip swings, prone hip rotations and by performing exercises involving our core muscles. 

Our own core muscles can be found just beneath the ribcage and they're responsible for making sure that you can bend, twist and carry stuff easily. Sadly, few are aware of the function that their core muscles play when golfing, so there is usually no specific training regimen for the core. 

Talk to a fitness trainer as to the best way to start a specific physical program that will assist you achieve more in golf. It must be noted that not every physical exercise can help enhance your golfing skills, so you've to be very specific when talking to a fitness trainer as he/she would know the best workouts that may help you achieve that powerful and accurate swing any time you playing golff. 

2. Many beginner golfers ask us about generating adequate strength for a great swing. Some actually ask us if being a bit more muscular would help deliver more power. In reality, muscle mass may help increasing swinging power but a majority of of the power that you'll need during a swing is generated throughout the body not merely by the arms. 

Newbie golfers should understand that a huge part of the energy during a swing is really transferred energy that emanates from every part of the entire body. This is actually the major reason why you need to practice turning and rotating your upper body throughout a swing. 

This partial rotation is sufficient to provide you with all of the power you'll need for an accurate and powerful swing. The greater you turn, the more power you'll have throughout the actual swing. Nevertheless, you might also need to consider your own physical limitations when turning and just how well you can balance yourself during the actual performance of the golf swing. 

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