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Golf Swing Tips Info: Learn How To Play Golf Now 

1:00 PM - June 26, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

Learning to play golf the very first time is usually extremely demoralizing, particularly if you haven't been taught the best methods. Take a look at the latest tips to further improve your present performance in playing golf: 

1. To further improve your current swing technique, always be concious of the positioning as well as angle of your head relative to your legs and arms. Your entire body can affect your swing. It is not just your arms and hands which are solely responsible for delivering strength and accuracy to your swing? It is your whole body. 

Your entire body is really a lengthy kinetic chain which provides and delivers energy to each and every swing. The course of one's swing depends on the positioning of your body. Tiny changes in one's shoulder, head and leg positions can alter the result of a swing. 

Your head posture, in particular, affects the path of the downswing. Once you lean towards your right and you also angle your head in the exact same direction, your club will inevitably proceed to the right during the downswing. 

Exactly the same thing occurs when you switch much of your weigh to the left and position your head to the left - your downswing will have a tendency to go left. Your head is much like the rudder of the boat? It guides other parts of the body. 

You should be strategic when turning your head. Should you move it around just you would want to during a swing then you're not maximizing the chances of you having a powerful and accurate swing since the rudder is turning. 

2.  Are you having difficulty with slicing your shots? Everybody does. Even pro golfers dislike it whenever they end up slicing a shot. There's a technique which you can use to avoid slicing the ball. 

First thing you could do is to look for the target line or the imaginary line that may help you position your whole body relative to the golf ball. The target line is actually to steer your whole body as well as your swing so that you can strike the ball in the direction of the target, and not away from it. 

Once you identify the target line, turn your upper body to ensure that it turns several degrees towards your left. The shot is going to be coming in from the left. Just like a spring, your whole body could gather plenty of potential energy once you rotated your own trunk. 

Now that you have the power, you will need accuracy. Accuracy should come from the hands and arms. Realize that you will not be able to make any unnecessary movements once you have already rotated your upper body to the left. 

Make use of your arms and hands to place your swing correctly. The bench mark of a great shot is the area close to the heel of the golf club should hit the golf ball. This specific area provides the player lots of control and the impact of the club is going to be impressive, believe me. 

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