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Golf Pro

6:00 AM - June 30, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

A golf pro is a golf instructor, a golf professional or a touring professional. He/She may also be commonly known as a club professional, a golfer or simply a golf player. All golf professionals share the same passion and aptitude for the game of golf.

A golf pro earns his living by playing and teaching golf.  A golf pro can also be coach or club manager. 

A professional golfer plays golf for a living by playing on major tours e.g., the PGA tour.

Types of Golf Pros

The are three main professions of golf pros namely, club professional, instructor and touring professional. 

Each features its own needs, duties as well as levels of technical expertise. 

It is common for a golfer who fails as touring professionals to become club professionals or instructors. 

It is a requirement for them to be knowledgeable about the rules of the game, the correct techniques and be involved intimately in the sport daily

Golf pros who are in the businesss of running golf courses are known as club professionals. These golf pro's are the ones responsible for management and maintenance of golf courses. They often give advice to golfers on the right types of equipment to use. The courses may include country clubs, public courses, resort and driving ranges.

Club professionals are businessmen and they perform managerial duties including: staffing,  accounting, advertising, maintenance and inventory. These club professionals often host fund-raising charity events and golf tournaments.

Golf instructors work either independently or as employees of a golf club or resort. They are usually very experienced and skillful golfers who are knowledgeable of the techniques and rules of golfing.They must understand the weaknesses of a student, and help the student to improve the game. They are also responsible for managing assistant instructors, caddies, the pro shop and turf problems.

Professional golfers who compete in major golf tournaments around the world are known as touring professionals. Only the best and the most talented golfers can make it to this level after many years of practice.  They take part in competition for the money and they also earn a side income from their sponsors. Touring professionals can often be seen on television and in magazine

Since golf is an outdoor game, most golf pros must spend a lot of time outdoors. The job demands a lot of physical activity compared to most jobs, though not as much as most other sports. Golf pros must often carry heavy bags of equipment with clubs walking up and down hills.

For golf pros doing work in colder climates, jobs are usually unavailable or limited during wintertime. Sometimes they are forced to close the club during winter months as no customer want to play due to the cold weather. 

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