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Golf Pitching

1:00 PM - June 30, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

This golf pitching tips lesson will show you how to set your club and body up properly.

The golf pitching tips here will show you how to land the perfect pitch most of the time.

These golf pitching tips were intended to improve your short game.

Most golfers will agree that golf pitching is more challenging than chipping.

According to many golf PGA champions, the 30-yard golf pitching shot is the most difficult shot in golf.

A golf pitching swing is a more condensed version of a full swing. It is essentially the same except shorter.

It is recommended that you include golf pitching an important part of your practice routine.

Most beginning golfers can improve their golf games if they practise a lot of golf pitching. 

Learn what's pitching versus chipping and the right stance and grip, the proper swing and correct wrist action for pitching. The golf pitching stance may seem strange at first until you master it. 

You do not need a lot of rotation in a typical golf pitching stroke, as long as it allows you to freely rotate and release the club down the golf pitching target.

A beginner golfer can learn to repeatedly swing a golf pitching wedge using a constant chipping swing.  The golf pitching wedge is usually used for longer approach shots into the green, low pitch chip shots and longer bunker and sand shots.

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