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Professional Golfers' Association PGA

1:00 AM - June 30, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

Professional Golfers' Association (PGA)

The Professional Golfers' Association - organization formed in the Victorian times in 1901 by three golfing pioneers: JH Taylor, Harry Vardon and James Braid whose vision was to raise the standard of living of men who earned their living from the game. During that time, it is common for professional golfers to work their way up through the caddy ranks. 

A letter from a North Wales professional in Golf gave the idea of forming a Professional Golfers' Association to protect the interests of fellow professionals. Led by the leading players of the time, the London and Counties Golf Professionals' Association was formed on the 9th of September, 1901. At their first AGM, the name was changed to 'The Professional Golfers' Association' - an organization popularly known as the PGA.

At the start, the Association has 59 Professionals with 11 Assistants in its membership. In contrast, the current membership of the PGA is over 8,000 professionals with an assistant professionals of around 300 each year. The original objectives of the Professional Golfers' Association were aim at raising the profile and credibility of professional golfer. It also aimed at promoting the general welfare, working conditions, and other interests of professional golfers.

Professional Golfers Association - Organization

The Professional Golfers' Association promotes golf as a sport by collaborating with other leading golf bodies including Club Golf in Scotland, England Golf, and others in Wales and Ireland. Many of the early PGA pros were responsible for the founding of the PGA's of America, Australia and Canada. The PGA is a partner and the trustee of the Ryder Cup- one of the sport’s biggest events.

What does The PGA Professionals do? 

The major role of the PGA and PGA Professionals is to enhance the golfing experience of golfers around the world. As a members’ organisation, PGA educates and trains PGA Professionals and equips them with the necessary skills and expertise in all areas of golf so golfers can play better golf and golf clubs can be better managed.

To qualify as instructors, PGA Class A professionals must complete a number of years of study, training and work in every aspect of golf. PGA Class A Professionals are recognized worldwide as the professionals in the field of golf instruction. Every PGA Professional receives a certificate when they become an apprentice. You can be certain of quality golf instruction from a PGA Class A Professional. Some of these teaching pros are former PGA Tour professionals who can provide hands-on instruction for golfers of different skill levels.

Before talking to a local PGA Professional, first compile a list of things that you like and don't like about your game.  Then list down the list of things in your game that frustrate you and areas where you want improvement e.g., your swings. The PGA Teaching Manual helps golf instructors to formulate a style on how to teach the golf swing.

The PGA Championship

The PGA of America which runs the PGA Championship has visited 45 different courses since 1951. The PGA Championship is certainly a great place to bring your whole family.

The PGA Golf Card offers a great way to have fun, play golf and save money. The PGA Golf Card contributes regularly from part of its proceeds to the American Cancer Society. It also helps to promote the smaller town golf courses by organizing events there. The Iowa PGA Golf Card can be a wonderful gift for the avid golfer, beginner or junior golfers.

The American Express sponsored the PGA Learning Center. Inside the center, you can find complimentary golf lessons conducted by PGA professionals. You can make use of the putting greens and golf simulators. There are also regular talks and educational presentations. These will help to improve your golf game, and prepares you to become a PGA professional.

PGA Championship - Sports League Championship

The most widely known tour is the PGA Tour which have attracted the strongest fields, outside all the four Majors and World Golf Championships events. The goals of the PGA Tour are to provide golf playing opportunities for members and to raise money for charity. Every PGA Tour is covered extensively. Betting lines are formed for every tournament and sports league championship during the season. The PGA Tour recruits more than 300 volunteers who walk the fairways and keep track of the players' scores, ball flights and paths.

PGA Tour and PGA European Tour - Sport Association

Many top professionals from outside North America maintain membership on both the PGA Tour and PGA European Tour by playing enough tournaments. The PGA European Tour attracts many top golfers from outside North America. In terms of world prestige, it ranks second only to the PGA Tour. 

The Live PGA Tour U.S Open Championship 2016  will be held at Oakmont Country Club Oakmont, Pennsylvania in June 2016.

The PGA Junior League was started to make golfing more fun for golfers below the age of 13. The Gateway Junior PGA organizes tournaments for golfers of all ages and skill levels throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Golf is easily one of the most bet-on sports in the world because of the international competition from players from all over the world who take part on the PGA Tour.

If you are a beginning golfer, don't be discouraged by watching the PGA and LPGA pros on TV. Instead, you must strive hard to play within your ability and enjoy the most of the game. If you try to duplicate the pros you will be frustrated quickly. 

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