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Golf Guru and Teacher

10:00 PM - June 30, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

Golf Guru

You don't have to be a golf guru, but at least you must have the basics of the game down before you hit the course. Years ago when I started playing golf, I took lesson after lesson, doing everything my "golf guru" the teaching pro told me to. Finally I found myself the right golf coach who is skillful and professional. He is really the best golf guru for me and I trained hard with him to improve my golf game. 

The quickest path to improvement might in fact come through professional instructors, but that isn't necessarily for everyone due to the costs involved. 

A good golf guru will help you become a better golfer quickly because the training is tailored to fit you perfectly. But it comes with a high cost. 

As an alternative, you can look for a golf guru workshop. By attending a golf guru workshop you can learn to be a better golfer quickly and affordably. Some beginner golfers prefer to attend golf guru workshops for these reasons. 

I also researched extensively on the techniques used by legendary golf gurus. I bought the ebook "The Perfect Swing- Improve Your Golf Swing in 7 Days or Less". Inside the book, it mentioned techniques like the golf guru driver swing and the golf guru grip. I tried to apply those techniques- the golf guru driver swing and the golf guru grip in my game. Purchase this book now from Clickbank, and treat it like your daily golf guru. 

The Perfect Swing book can teach you lot of golf techniques which will help you gain the best swing techniques like the golf guru driver swing and the golf guru grip. For example, proper positioning of the head, hands and golf club are critical to a good golf swing. Golf is a difficult sport because there are many countless ways for a golfer to create good, effective golf swings.

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Golf Teacher:

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