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Golf Guide

11:30 AM - June 30, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

Usually a golf guide is provided by a club for easy access to relevant information about the golf course. The rules of the club are usually written in a golf guide handbook.

The golf guide is used for teaching purposes and for reminding golfers how to approach a particular golfing scenario.

A golf guide may consist of a stack of guide cards with some written and graphical descriptions of different golfing scenarios.

The golf guide is designed for teaching golfers how to play difficult shots on the driving range or golf course.

The golf guide is provided for easy access to important and useful information on the course.

You will find basic information like: how to buy golf clothing, golf clubs, and cover a few etiquette tips in a golf guide.

If use correctly, a golf guide can lower the golfers score and increase his/her confidence in playing.

A deluxe golf guide usually consists of a ringed binder which holds a stack of cards. It may have holders for a pencil, a score card, markers, a yardage chart and golf tees.

A good golf guide is important for golfers before heading to the green, besides attending the golf lessons for beginners and seeking the advice of an area golf pro.

You can download the American College Golf Guide by Ping which is available online. It provides valuable information on colleges with golf programs in the United States.

You can buy golf guide books from bookstores or online. Purchase a golf guide and read it before you start playing.

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