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Golf Book

7:00 AM - June 30, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

Are you looking for the best putting instruction book ever on golf?  A good instructional book on golf must have some fundamental features.  A good golf book for beginners should have lots of pictures with step-by-step explanation and photographs of both hand and foot positions.  Mastering the fundamentals of golfing will give you a headstart in the game.

They said never judge a book by its cover.  The same applies to golf book cover.  One must never judge a golf book by its cover.  Golf book cover may mislead you by displaying the names and photographs of famous golfers.  Picking a book just because of a pro name listed on the cover as the author is no guarantee that it is the best golf book for you.

Discovering the very best golf book is not a tough job at all, in fact within a click of a mouse, you get a list of golf books.  The first place I look for is Amazon.  You can do a search in Google using the keywords: golf books amazon.  Under "golf books amazon", you can find relevant sections in Amazon that list down all the books on golf.  There is another site called the Book Depository that has lots of books on golf.  Here you can find some of the best putting instruction book ever. Some of these ebooks can be downloaded as ebook in pdf format after you purchased.

Besides "golf books amazon", you can also search under "book and golf" to find publishers of golf related books.  Under "book and golf" you can research on the background of publishers of golf books- some of whom you may not find on Amazon.

If you cannot find what you want under "book and golf", I suggest that you search under the keywords: golf books bestsellers, there you can find a list of the bestselling golf books on Amazon and other publishers.  Under "golf books bestsellers", you can find a list of the bestsellers golf books currently in the market, including some of the best putting instruction book ever.

To find the best selling golf ebook or book for a particular year, you can type golf books followed by the year concerned e.g., 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, etc. For example, golf books 2013, golf books 2014, golf books 2015, golf books 2016, golf books 2017, golf books 2018 etc.

When I searched under golf books 2013, I found this great book: The R&A Golfer's Handbook 2013 edited by Renton Laidlaw and published by Hamlyn.  Besides golf books 2013, I found many great titles under: golf books 2014, golf books 2015 and golf books 2016.  This is the quickest way to find great golf books of past years.

Little Red Book by Harvey Penick is highly recommended for any golfer. It is the highest selling golf book ever published anywhere in the world. In his book, Penick shares his experience as a golf instructor.    

In my opinion, all beginner golfers must read the book written by Dr. Bob Rotella's book entitled: "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect". In this book, Dr. Rotella examines how players of all skill levels can achieve optimum performance. His book provides lots of illustrations and tips from putting to sand play. It is a golf book full of golf tips that you won't find in other golf instruction book. Honestly, it's not an instructional book, but my favorite golf book.  The emphasis is on style, technology and design. The golf book highlights the latest developments in equipment including the evolution of the golf ball, custom-fitted clubs and other equipment.

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If you are looking for a golf book signed by famous golfers or authors, you can search under the keywords: golf book signed. Some of these signed golf books are available for auction.

If you search under the keywords: golf book lot, you can find catalogue of good golf books.  You can also find golf items available for auction under golf book lot.

If you are looking for golf themed books for young children, you can search using the keywords: golf book baby.  Under "golf book baby", you can find books for babies where alphabet is taught via a game of golf.

If you are looking for golf book holders, you can search under the keywords: golf book holders.  Under "golf book holders", you can find sites selling leather golf scorecard and yardage book holder.

If you are looking for golf memorabilia, you can seach under the keywords: golf bookers ltd. Under "golf bookers ltd" you can find golf auction site where you can earn top dollars for your golf memorabilia.

If you search under the keywords: Golf booker, you can find Europe's premier online golf tee time reservation system.  Listed under "golf booker", you can search and book for the best tee times and golf breaks at Europe's finest golf destinations including Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey and The Canary Islands.