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Enhancing Golf Swing Speed

11:00 AM - June 30, 2016 by Dr. Daniel Quek

In golf, speed translates to power literally, as a fast golf swing tends to supply much more power to the golf ball than a slow-moving one. Nevertheless, in order to have a really good game of golf, you will also have to improve your control over the swing. 

Too much power with little control may also mess up your golf game. Which means you not only have to acquire speed during a swing but also have adequate control to remain accurate. Here are a few general instructions and training tips to further improve your golf swing speed and control: 

1. Core strength is really so crucial to golf that you can't possibly reach your goals in this particular sport without exercising your core muscles on a regular basis. Should you continue playing golf on a regular basis without enhancing the general strength and flexibility of your core muscles, you'll feel sore and fatigued after each golf game. 

It will also affect your balance and speed, since your core muscles are responsible for generating the explosive energy when you hit a golf ball.  You're really storing explosive swinging energy when you turn your body to the right or left. Your core muscles are going to do all the work whenever you rotate your whole body to take a shot. It is possible to enhance your core strength in your own home, simply by carrying out plank exercises. Planks are really simple to perform. 

Get yourself a yoga mat and get into a push-up position. Gradually lower your arms to ensure that your forearm is parallel to the ground and your elbow becomes a support point for your upper body. This is really a timed exercise so try to maintain this position for 30 seconds. Repeat the physical exercise five times. 

In case you would like your own core workout to be more challenging, switch to one side and allow a single arm to support your weight. Maintain your legs straight as your other hand raises a small dumbbell upward. The slow lifting of the dumbbell will train your core muscles a lot more. Another wonderful core exercise that one could try is known as Turkish get-ups. 

You'll need a yoga mat and a small dumbbell just for this workout. Sit on the yoga mat with one arm lifted above your head. Gradually get up, keeping the eye on the weight elevated over your head. Keep to the same route that you took when going down to the mat again. Repeat the movement with the other arm. The best repetitions for this workout are Twenty repetitions.  

2. Leveraging is yet another golfing skill that you ought to grasp if you wish to acquire control of your own swings. You can enhance your leverage via two main drills. The first is known as a standing drill. It involves the use of 5 progressively heavy golf clubs. In this drill, you pick five clubs, each one bigger and heavier compared to the last, and swing in each in succession as quickly as you can. Target five swings each time. The second drill is essentially the same movement with the same set of clubs however, this time, you're going to perform the swings on your own knees. 

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